Tours in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

Tours in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica



Catamaran sailing and snorkeling

Duration: 4 hours approx.

Departure: 09:00am and 2:00pm.

Price: $80 USD per person.

Sail aboard the Tom Cat or the Spanish Dancer. Come aboard and see the many dolphins, whales, sea turtles, and birds of the Manuel Antonio Marine Preserve. The tour includes snorkeling equipment and a tour of the offshore islands . We also stop for a leisurely swim at one of the white sand beaches and dive on the underwater reefs of the Manuel Antonio Marine Preserve. Enjoy a feast of fresh fruits, grilled fish brochettes, pasta salad, drinks and the finest hospitality. We offer your choice of a morning sail into the Manuel Antonio Marine Preserve or a sunset sail.

Includes: transportation, guide, snorkeling equipment, one meal (lunch or dinner.



Damas Island Estuary Boat Tour

Duration: 4 hours

Departure: $75 USD per person.

Transportation from your hotel from where you will start your ride to the put in shore. During the 20 minute drive your guide will explain some of the area’s highlights.

This tour allows you to navigate through the wonders of the mangrove ecosystem.You will float along the calm currents under a verdant forest canopy. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled so you can spot the innumerable bird specimens, reptiles and white faced monkeys. The covered boats used in the Manuel Antonio tour are eco-friendly, comfortable and safe. Due to the structure of the boat it is likely you will be able to interact with the monkeys as they occasionally like to climb aboard. While you observe this lush environment your guide will offer explanations about the nature specimens found in this unique region. This tour takes you through the natural canals and provides an ideal opportunity to observe heron species, kingfishers, engrids, frigot birds and other migratory birds. Journey through brackish waters, glimpse islands from afar, pass beneath tunnels made naturally from trees and admire this small sanctuary of nature. Lunch will be served after you return from the boat tour.  Difficulty: Easy (recommended for senior citizens and children).

Includes: transportation, guide, boat ride, lunch.


Damas Island Estuary Kayaking Tour

Duration: 4 hours

Departure: 8:30am and 2:00pm.

Price: $82 USD per person.

Paddle protected inland waterways, a perfect place to learn this magical way of exploring coastal mangrove areas and seeing wildlife. None of this trip is in open ocean and the pace of this trip is according to your abilities. Minimum age; 6 years old.

Includes: transportation, guide, lunch.


Ecological Canopy Tour

Duration: Half Day

Price: $79 USD per person

Travel through the primary Costa Rican tropical jungle on suspension cables as you move through the primary jungle canopy with your bilingual guides and safety spotters from platform to platform. If our high-tech, high-quality equipment for zip-lining turns out to be “not your style”, then relax and enjoy a cold one back on the ground as you watch your fellow guests zip line by line to each canopy platform. If you so desire, take a leisurely stroll or hike through our secluded, protected habitat of the mono Titi biological corridor, which is an excellent location for you to explore the exotic varieties of plant and animal life in the Costa Rican mountainous jungles near Manuel Antonio National Park.

Includes: transportation, guide, snacks.


Manuel Antonio Diving Tour

Duration: Half Day

Price: $115 USD per person.

The Manuel Antonio coastline with its 12 islands gives us the pick of numerous dive sites. All dives are guided by a PADI professional who has extensive knowledge and experience at our dive sites so that you will see the most marine life and underwater formations. The majority of our local dive sites are a maximum of 20 minutes from the port. We stay out on the water for our surface interval (normally about 45 minutes) where we can enjoy the beautiful views of the National Park. The majority of our dives are between 40 and 70 feet. We consider your experience, preferences and local conditions to guarantee your enjoyment. All trips are boat trips leaving from Quepos port, with captain and Divemaster. We have an abundant marine life with schools of Snapper, Jacks and Barracuda, plus White Tip Reef Sharks, various rays & sea turtles. You will see volcanic rock formations, with many varieties of hard and soft corals. Other
residents; Angel Fish, Moorish Idols, Parrot Fish, Puffer Fish, Octopus, Eels & Crustaceans. Visibility ranges between 25 and 65 feet. Minimum age: 10 years. Child must be accompanied by an adult.

Includes: Local transfers from and to hotels in Quepos / Manuel Antonio, dive at 2 different sites. (2 tanks included in trip), equipment provided mask, fins, regulator, buoyancy compensator, submersible pressure gauge and 3mm wetsuit, tropical fruits, water.


Manuel Antonio National Park Tour

Duration: 4 hours approx.

Price: $55 USD per person

Take a leisurely hike with a highly trained, well-educated Costa Rican naturalist guide through our exotic, bio-diverse tropical rain forest preserved in our 34 year old Manuel Antonio National Park. See how many different kinds of flora and fauna you can spot just in the span of a 3 hour nature walk or hike. Snacks are offered during the tour, and guest may remain in the park after wards.

* This Park is closed on Mondays. Includes: transportation, entrance fees, guide, snacks.


Naranjo River White Water Rafting – Class III and IV

Duration: Half Day

Price: $85 USD per person

Transportation provided for approximately 40 minutes to Londres, where the river put in is located. During the scenic drive your guide will explain some of the history of the town of Quepos. Your guide will give you some safety measurements to follow and then you are off to tame the rapids of Naranjo River.

Naranjo River flows through mountains, jungle gorges, farmlands and palm plantations. The river’s course is steep and challenging, perfect for adventure seekers in search of an adrenaline rush. Halfway through the course you can take advantage of the pit stop to catch your breath and admire the view.  Towards the end of the river, the waters calm down and you can take in the sights while cruising over the last few rapids. Upon completing the 1 hour and 45 minute portion of this Manuel Antonio tour you will be served a tasty lunch made with fresh local ingredients. This tour is only available in rainy season (May to December). This river boasts class 3 rapids all year long, during rainy season it also boasts some class 4 rapids. The rafts are built to hold a maximum of 6 passengers.  (*) Minimum age: Over 8 years old/ Must be physically prepared for class IV rapids.

Includes: transportation, guide, equipment, snacks, lunch.


Rain Forest Aerial Tram – Pacific Tour

Duration: Half Day

Price: $120 USD per perspon

The Pacific Rain Forest Aerial Tram is an eco-tourism project with 222 acres (90 hectares) of rainforest, showcasing small waterfalls and scenic views of the Pacific Coast. Our Rain Forest Aerial Tram – Pacific flys through a transitional area between the extremely rare tropical dry forest and the tropical rainforest. This junction between the two ecosystems is packed with exotic wildlife and full of bright tropical vegetation. Created to raise the world’s consciousness of the importance of the tropical rainforests, the Pacific Rain Forest Aerial Tram allows guests to discover the hidden secrets and hanging gardens of the Transitional Tropical Rainforest from an awe-inspiring perspective.

The Aerial Tram has 18 gondolas that allow a maximum for 9 passengers including one bilingual (English/Spanish) naturalist guide. Upon advanced request we can provide guide assistance in other languages.

We show our guests all the different layers of the rainforest, from the floor to the treetops. The canopy is home to an enormous amount of flora and fauna. Eager to find light and space, many plants have colonized the treetops, turning them into small, independently functioning ecosystems.

A Day in the Pacific Aerial Tram include: A true flight on the Aerial Tram gondolas, colorful, beautiful tropical flowers in the Heliconias Gallery, medicinal and Aromatic Plant Garden, snake Exhibition in the middle of the forest, tour guided by an expert naturalist guide, well-groomed walking trails, hiking adventure. (*) Minimum 6 passengers.

Includes: transportation, guide, aerial tram ride, Heliconia and Serpent Observatories, lunch.


Savegre River White Water Rafting Tour

Duration: Full Day

Price: $99 USD per person

Our more family-friendly Savegre River provides Class II, III and some rare IV rapids that are more than manageable in sturdy rafts that accommodate 2 to 6 people comfortably. Our guides stop at locally known swimming spots and breathtaking waterfalls, if the rafters want a break from paddling, and there is always time to enjoy the abundant variety of wildlife along the river.

On most trips, rafters will observe egrets, osprey, toucans, parrots, kingfishers, cormorants, and many other species local to this protected area of the tropical rain forest. After a steady 13 mile trip down the river, we wind our way back where a hot lunch will await you. (*) Minimum age: Over 8 years old/ Must be relatively fit for paddling.

Includes: transportation, guide, snacks and lunch.

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