Tours in Cahuita & Puerto Viejo Costa Rica

Tours in Cahuita & Puerto Viejo Costa Rica

Snorkeling and Hiking – Cahuita National Park

This tour in The National Park Cahuita can be operated in the following

1. Full (snorkeling and hiking). Duration: 6 hours approx. Price: $99
USD per person.

2. Only Snorkeling. Duration: 4 hours approx. Price: $65

3. Only Hiking. Duration: 4 hours approx. Price: $60

These three options include a Caribbean lunch at the end of the tour as well as round-trip transportation to hotels in the area of Cahuita or Puerto Viejo.



This tour is done in a 12-person boat, with a captain and guide, around the Cahuita National Park. It is the first place in the world where in each square meter there is more biodiversity of different ecosystems on the land and in the ocean. Here, we will go snorkeling for about two hours in the most important Coral Reef of Costa Rica observing: 35 different species of coral, 123 species of tropical fish, 3 species of sharks, 6 species of eels, 3 species of sea urchins, 140 of shellfish, 44 crustaceans, 128 types of algae, sea turtles, sea cucumbers, ocean sponges, lobster, shrimp, among others. The snorkeling equipment will be provided for you (mask, fins and snorkel tube).


After Snorkeling, we will provide you with a tropical fruit based snack and bottles water, after which we will begin the second part of the tour, which is: hiking with trail interpretation. The guide will take you to different points between Cahuita Point and the town of Cahuita (5 km) observing various types of snakes (boas, bocaraca, bush master, eyelash vipers, etc.), sloths, white faced and howler monkeys, anteaters, armadillos, raccoons, blue morpho butterflies among others, birds and many more things such as: medicinal plants, orchids, trees, ferns, vertebrates, invertebrates, sea and earth shellfish, etc.

INCLUDES: Fruit based snack, Snorkeling equipment, bilingual guide, lunch, round-trip transportation from your hotel, hike through the National Park and bottled water.

REQUIRED EQUIPMENT: cap or hat, sun block, repellent, shoes or sandals, swimsuit, towel.


Bribri Indigenous Reservation

Duration: 5-6 hours approx.

Price: $85 USD per person.

The indigenous people of Talamaca are part of the Amazon Basin Indian cultures and heritage.

The Bribri speak their native language, Bribri, and Spanish, wear western clothes, and participate in regional political and economic life, but they also maintain beliefs and customs of their ancestors.

The Talamanca-Bribri Reservation covers a large area of the interior Talamanca Mountains. Bribri people believe Sibo created all things on Earth, and that all things have supernatural guardians that permit human beings to kill wild  animals and use forest products only as necessary for human subsistence. Through traditional agriculture, hunting, fishing, and use of forest products, the Bribri have maintained a respectful relationship with their natural environment.

A visit to Rancho Grande, Volio waterfall and the KekoLdi Reserve is also included in this tour. At Kekoldi the Bribri are working to restore the threatened green iguana.

You may also learn about medicinal plants & cures and organic agriculture or may acquire interesting handcrafts. We will visit a waterfall where you can bath in the water.

Includes: Transportation, entrance permit fee, snacks, lunch, tour guide.


Crazy Monkey Canopy Tour

Duration: 2 hours approx.

Price: $80 USD per person.

Come and feel your adrenaline rising up in your body! Experience watching the jungle from the top of the trees in our canopy cable system of the platforms and ride amongst the forest till you get your feet on the golden sand beach!! Here is where the jungle meets the ocean. Our guides will take care of you and they will keep you safe at all the time.

This is a great place for magnificent views from the tree tops while you are on the platforms and also walking in our bridges in some of the tracks. You will have the chance to watch some wildlife from above and your guide can tell you about the different species that might appear, but even more amazing it will be to see the Natura Park with a Bri-Bri Indian Village from above where an aborigine family lives in a very traditional way with the typical thatch buildings.

Includes: transportation, guide, snacks.


Horseback Riding

Duration: 3 hours

Price: $75 USD per

This tour is done with strong, healthy horses with a bilingual guide in the Black Beach and of Cahuita, having the opportunity to see flora and fauna of humid tropical forest.

Equipment: shoes or boots with socks, long pants, hat or cap, repellent, sun blocks, camera.
Includes: transportation, guide, snacks, and bottled water.


Pacuare River Rafting.

Duration: Full Day

Price: $95 USD per person.

The Pacuare River is one of the best choices for your adventure treks in Costa Rica. Pacuare is world famous for its sheer beauty. A true river gorge, it is flanked by steep, green walls. You see waterfalls cascade into the river from both sides as colorful, tropical birds fly right over your head. Amazing views of this virgin tropical rainforest area.

The white water that is equally exciting. It is not an overly challenging river, but it has a lot rapids, therefore giving you an adventure filled with lots of fun. The 18 mile one day run includes a total of 52 rapids. Few rivers in the world can offer you so many.

Upon arrival to the river we will gear you up with a life jacket, helmet and paddle and then brief you with a full safety orientation talk. Finally, it is time to take off down the rapids!

The first 4 miles consist of fun class II-III rapids which is a perfect time to test your new river skills and gain confidence in your team. Here you can find pockets of secondary growth forest that is extremely beautiful. After about 40 minutes we will enter the famous Pacuare River Gorge, which is 5 miles of some of the best white water Costa Rica has to offer. The rapids here are “Terciopelo snake”, “Double drop”, “Upper and Lower Huacas”, “Pin ball” to name a few. You will also see the Huacas watefall, a 150 foot dramatic drop into the river.

After the gorge the rivers opens up to a 5 mile stretch on the Valle del Pacuare, where the river has a different character. It is wide open, which gives you the opportunity to rest a bit and take the opportunity to do some wildlife spotting. The main rapids here are “Cimarrones”, “The Play Hole”, “El Indio” and “Magnetic Rock”. The forest remains just as lush, and the rapids just as fun.

We finish in Siquirres, at our own private Exploration Center, where you can take a shower, change and enjoy the gardens and terrace while having a beer or two and reflecting with your new friends about the great adventure you just shared. Then, transportation to your hotel is provided.

•Difficulty: Class III – IV

•Distance: 30 Km /18 miles

•Number of rapids: 52.

Included: Round-trip transportation, local bilingual guide, use of rafting equipment, breakfast, lunch.


Tortuguero National Park Costa Rica

Duration: 1 or 2 nights.

“Tortuguero” is considered one of the most important western Caribbean for the green turtle ( Chelonia Mydas) as well as the Carey, who come to lay their eggs on the sandy beaches every year. Tortuguero National Park in Costa Rica is located along the northern stretch of our Caribbean coast. It is one of the areas most exotic and rich in biodiversity in the country.

It is known as “Tico Amazon” (Costa Rican Amazon) due to the fact that in Tortuguero there are no roads; the principle means of transportation being the dozens of fresh water canals throughout the park. To arrive at any of the few hotels in the area requires a motorboat ride of approximately 70 km through rivers and canals. It’s a spectacular adventure not to be missed. In the park scientists have identified missed distinct habitats making it likely to observe abundant wildlife including, several species of monkeys, sloths, crocodiles, iguanas, parrots, macaws, toucans and much more.

For a comfortable trip we suggest you to bring:

Cotton type clothes, hat, sun blocker, insect repellent, comfortable shoes, sandals, swimming suite, rain gear.


1 Night: $199 USD per person. Double occupancy.

2 Nights: $249 USD per person. Doube occupancy.


Includes: transportation, guide, full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner), canal expeditions, village tour, national park exploration, boat rides, accommodation in Rana Roja Lodge.


Not included: Alcoholic drinks, bottled water, tips, fee to the park ($10USD).

Tortuguero Turtle Nesting Tour: July to October

This tour is optional and is paid directly in Tortuguero ($30 per person). If you are planning on taking the night walk during the turtle season make sure to bring dark color type clothes (black, green, blue). Neither cameras nor smoking allowed during night walks on the beach. Turtles are sensitive to these type of lights and your guide can be suspended by the National Park Service.

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